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Chris Savard (a.k.a. Infamou$), labels himself as an automotive puppeteer that has been modifying cars for the past 2 decades. He has has traveled the world for both work and pleasure where he has maintained a professional career working in a 3 piece suit by day and by night in dickies and ball cap working on his projects.

1st Place – Modern Modified @Bimmerfest 2015 -Dubai UAE Autodrome


Although Chris’ current collection of builds varies between American, European and German cars it all started with the 5.0 Foxbody Mustang. Although many people believe his love for Mustangs was based on a 1990 Vanilla Ice song, his car obsession actually began at age twelve while watching ‘Cain’ buy his 5.0 convertible in the movie, Menace II Society. At age 15, his dream of owning a 5.0 Mustang came true in the form of a 1983 GT for a whopping $1500. The condition from his father to owning a “FORD” was that he strip it all down and put it back together before getting his license and driving it. In other words, the car needed work!

Since the success with his first car, he has bought, rebuilt/modified and sold over 50 vehicles in his spare time over the past 20 years. The “Infamou$” handle was given to Chris at a young age since few could understand how someone so young was buying, selling and driving such nice cars without doing something illicit.

The Infamous Project originated almost 10 years ago when Chris decided to build 2 cars in 3 months in his garage and stream the progression live via Ustream: About TIP. Although busy with everyday life and even from afar, The Infamous Project is a full time hobby of which Infamous continues to devotes 10+ hours a week to whether blogging, researching the next build, or initiating new projects.

Runner Up @ Performance World 2008 -Toronto Ontario

Although he prefers certain types of vehicles, he sees almost any vehicle as blank canvas ready to be made into a one-of-a-kind ”Infamou$ Custom”. With a primary focus on timeless appearances and performance, each vehicle is modified to produce a level of quality that he would personally be proud to drive. He doesn’t believe in cars not being driven and understands that form is just as important as function. It’s not about winning shows, it’s about nothing else mattering when you’re detailing, driving, enjoying your passion he says.