2002 330ci fender bender

Before coming to Austin TX we sold my Wife’s e36 back in Canada as we could get more $$$ for it there. Once  we arrived here I found a great deal on this Steel Blue 330ci with premium and executive package. She absolutely loves this car and now that she is in an e46 she won’t look back. Unfortunately, not too long after getting the car, the fender had a small encounter with a concrete pillar due to the horrid parking areas in which we live.
It could have been much worse but no biggie. Jacked the car up, took off the wheel and removed the inner fender. Then some patience with a hammer and an old connecting rod (pics to come) was used to bring the fenders shape back to life! Sometimes you have to make the tools you have around you work right? So about 45 mins of shaping and hammering almost no filler was needed at all. Not bad considering the body line of the wheel well was affected.
Some follow up pictures to follow with paint of course I am just glad the dent is gone. Oh and after I was done, my buddy and I had a bit of a tailgate party down in the garage.. mmmmmm Barbecue!

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