Bon Voyage + Update

Well the time is getting closer and closer, and now I will soon be leaving sunny Australia! I will be gone from November 25th until December 9th as the Wife and I will be traveling New Zealand and British Columbia. I will have limited internet access during those 2 weeks but will be back in full force once we are back in Canada! Shop set-up and preparation! If time allows I may be streaming a SNEAK PEAK of a 1997 M3 collision repair as it will be my winter car! Will most likely be dropping it down and plowing some snow! No promises, as I need to have this car fixed and driving ASAP upon return!
In other news! Sponsorship proposals have been sent off to select Vendors for Mustang related parts. Companies such as, Maximum Motorsports, Cervinis, Steeda and Racecraft. Hoping to hear back some positive results upon my return from abroad.
I would like to thank all of the current Sponsors as they have helped tremendously thus far! From rendering design work, to custom mid-pipes, S52 cams, Synthetic fluids, Xbraces, Lips, Rad Covers, Leather Seats, Paint, Advertising, Monetary contributions, etc etc! Your help is greatly appreciated!
o all of my followers! Thank you so much for your interest in this project! I trust you will all enjoy it as much as me and hopefully be a little entertained over the cold winter months for those of you who are up north! Be sure to keep spreading the word.

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