Clear as Glass…

Well the day finally came… after many many hours of prepping by myself and talking time and breaks to make sure I didn’t cut any corners, the end result speaks for itself! I am very pleased with the results and other than the odd tiny run from really laying the clear down.. Car looks awesome. I used just shy of 1 full Gallon of clear with my HVLP paint gun. Sprayed the clear at about 10psi (at the tip) and reduced the clear slightly just to get it to lay down extra “wet”. For those interested the gun i use is a Devilbliss with a 1.3mm tip.
Tomorrow I will be starting to put all the trim back on and getting ready to paint the moldings etc! ///M3 cam install will also be on its way so make sure to tune into that! Let the performance mods begin! Next week providing delivery we will also be looking at the header/midpipe install to get some better sound out of the ACS catback!
Be sure to check out the video of the Unmasking to see a walkaround of the car! I am also going to update the Previous Recordings page so that there is a small description beside the links to provide those with easier navigation! I apologize for the glitches that have been occurring with my USTREAM connection, but it looks like they have sorted out their issues. See you all tomorrow

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