Closing In…

Well it’s almost time for the Project to start! Needless to say I have been pretty busy over the past week with Christmas, Family, Friends and the 1997 M3 project. I painted the M3 last night and have been working on assembly. It needs a few more things cleaned up, especially in the interior, but it should look good all cleaned up! I will post pictures of it within the next day or so.
Today I also ran an Outdoor Cat5 cable from the house to the shop since I do not want to rely on Wireless signal. I am hoping that my ISP steps up to the plate and delivers reliable service during the time of the project!! I am hoping you can all bare with me as there will be times where the connection may drop or maybe the power goes out or maybe even the shop PC will explode! Who knows? But I will do my best to ensure you are all able to watch what’s going on!
Tomorrow I will be setting up the camera and testing the stream from the shop. The camera set up has been a whole separate issue on it’s own! Thankfully I have found a device called the “EasyCap” which will be arriving tomorrow which will convert an S-Video signal from my camcorder to USB. Apparently it works wonders and many people are very happy with this gadget. So I will be putting it to the test. If all else fails, you may be stuck with a Web Cam view for opening day
Over the weekend I will be planning on updating the schedule of the project with more detail and may shift a few things around here there as needed. But otherwise everything should be good to go! I hope everyone gets a chance to check out the stream in their free time!
Happy New Year!

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