Detail detail detail…

When you’re buying/building/renovating/flipping a house, people always say “location, location, location” Well, when you’re building a car for whatever reason it comes down to detail! From sanding down and painting bolts to tire shine all the little details count, especially at car shows. So thanks to I have just received a box full of goodies at my doorstep. Carpolish.CA is one of the few ZAINO suppliers in Ontario and has been kind enough to sponsor The Infamous Project with all these lovely products as shown.
Tom is a great guy to deal with and he has sent me some homework on how to use all these products to make these cars look their best for the show! I also got instructions to test some stuff first on my daily driver so i can get used to them, yes it is a little more complicated than “wax on, wax off”. If possible I will be streaming during the set up day at the show and you will all be able to see the detailing done LIVE!  A big thanks again to Tom from

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