Infamous moves to Dubai!

So it’s been forever since I have posted here but life has been crazy over the past 6 months. I have since left Texas and moved to Dubai, UAE. Things are pretty amazing here and I encourage anyone to come check it out if they ever have the opportunity. I am working a full time job of course but have not forgotten about my passion for cars! I originally shipped the Lightning over and it was only 1 of a handful in all of the UAE! With that said, I got an offer I could not refuse and sold it! I will soon be onto another project which I will be updating you all with shortly!
Of course we all know my love for BMW’s and you have all posted on my POLL for my next project… Needless to say I got a 2003 Hamann ///M5 BMW. What an amazing car. It came with quite the mod list including:
Aside from all the Hamann add ons there are several other things like Billstein PPS9 coil overs, HID lighting, Brake cooling ducts, etc. I will soon be installing a set of AFE cold air intakes from Turner Motorsports and a few other goodies I won’t reveal just yet! Be ready for tons of great info and work on this beast of a car! For a some more information now… Check this article which the ///M was featured in from Crank and Piston

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