- Sometimes I may shift the schedule around a bit as needed. Perhaps I am waiting on a part, or something happened that is keeping me from following the schedule. I may just be bored of working on the same component for an extended period of time...

- Yes it is streamed live, which means when i trip over the camera cord and break the streaming connection you will see it! There is about a 5-10 second delay for buffering purposes.

- Of course and I encourage it! You can add me to MSN messenger (theinfamousproject@gmail.com) or you can send me an email to that account as well. I check the computer regularly as I am working.

- If you'd like to come out and see or/and help work on one of the cars please send me an email and I would be more than happy to arrange something. I don't pay anything so if you just want to come to snap some pictures or maybe just come and say "Hi" that's cool too!

-For fun, I have the resources and many people want to learn and see how I do stuff, so this is their opportunity to be a fly in the shop!

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