Why Can’t I see your Show?

– I may not be currently broadcasting when you are trying to watch! If the connection seems to reset or is lost. Be sure to try refreshing the page to see if I have come back on air. Alternatively, check the show schedule for suggested show times or check out the You Tube page which will have a listing of previously recorded shows! Please make sure you have the newest version of Flash installed on your computer as well!

What you are doing on the show doesn’t match the schedule!

– Sometimes I may shift the schedule around a bit as needed. Perhaps I am waiting on a part, or something happened that is keeping me from following the schedule. I may just be bored of working on the same component for an extended period of time…

Is it really LIVE?

– Yes it is streamed live, which means when i trip over the camera cord and break the streaming connection you will see it! There is about a 5-10 second delay for buffering purposes.

Can I ask a question while you’re working?

– Of course and I encourage it! You can add me to MSN messenger (theinfamousproject@gmail.com) or you can send me an email to that account as well. I check the computer regularly as I am working.

Can I come see the projects or help out?

– If you’d like to come out and see or/and help work on one of the cars please send me an email and I would be more than happy to arrange something. I don’t pay anything so if you just want to come to snap some pictures or maybe just come and say “Hi” that’s cool too!

Why are you doing this “Infamous Project”

-For fun, I have the resources and many people want to learn and see how I do stuff, so this is their opportunity to be a fly in the shop!

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