M112 Eaton Supercharger Rebuild

Well with a 2000 mile round trip to Old Town Florida coming up I figured it was time to rebuild my snout! I was getting fed up with hearing the marbly sound.. Reminds me of a bad Vanos unit from a BMW! There are many different applications for the M112 supercharger so this Do It Yourself will apply to some of you out there who need the info on how to do a M112 Eaton Supercharger Rebuild.
The DIYs I have read were pretty poor in terms of pictures and were pretty vague in what is needed. When you first read it you think, oh no big deal?! But you need to be prepared!
It’s not a hard job, just a job that requires you be informed before starting!
  • You will need a press or a puller to get your pulley off and to get the rear bearing assembly off of the shaft. You can make a custom tool as I did (see pics)
  • Prepare for about 4 hours in case you need to make a trip to the parts store but as long as you follow these instructions you should be ok!
  • Some key tools, pulley puller (large and small from autozone free tool rental, basic socket sets, screw driver, skinny rubber hose, bar, and rebuilt kit.
Simply view the photo gallery and each image will have the information you need to do as you go along. They are all in order so just follow it until you’re all done! My application was a 2000 Ford SVT Lightning. I had 130k miles on it.
A few things to note if you are not sure you need to rebuild yours. If you hear any noise (mostly at idle) and it goes away with a bit of throttle, chances are your snout bearings are worn and/or bad coupler (the coupler is a little round bushing like piece that wears the holes where it sits and can become noisy). If you put a large screw driver against the supercharger and put your ear to the handle you can listen for sounds. If the noise is in the front, you need to rebuilt your snout. If it is at the rear, your rotors are touching each other and you most likely need the rotor bearings and needle bearings replaced.
Note: The snout bearings/coupler normally need to be replaced well before the rotor/needle bearings will. By rebuilding your snout you will most likely have a reliable supercharger for the rest of the time you own your M112 Eaton supercharger.
I hope this helps you be able to tackle the M112 Eaton Supercharger Rebuild and not have to pay a shop!

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