///M3 in Progress

Hey all! Well I made it back from my big journey. It was an amazing experience and needless to say, I am not too thrilled to be back in the cold! I am however pretty excited to get the project rolling!! I am not sure if I will be camera ready to preview the M3 assembly but we will see. I have been swamped with life and my real job but I am doing my best!
I have managed to remove all the damaged components from the car and put on the new OEM parts I had. I have also stripped off all the lights, moldings, and mirrors and started sanding the body. A few dings and dents to repair. Someone also thought it would be a good idea to install the side skirts with drywall screws all the way along the side of the rockers, so I will be repairing that mess as well. Unfortunately due to a prior incident (the one that gave it the “rebuilt” title) it seems there was lots of poor body work in the A pillars and that the drivers door has been changed.. all the other VIN numbers matched.. Some body work was also found in the drivers side rear quarter panel. So I will be sure to give the car the proper attention it needs to bring it back to M3 standard.
I noticed the car would make an odd sound when turning the steering wheel and it seems as the passenger side coil is broken so that will have to be replaced as well! I am hoping to have the bulk of the work done by early next week and the car painted by Christmas! If I can get the cams set up in between sometime then those who wish to watch some of the final assembly will be able to!

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