///M3 Project Completion!

Well the car is not totally complete as I still need to paint the spoiler (had it in the car after i masked it all up!) install the door moldings and clean up some of the interior pieces. The car came out pretty good, I will have to buff out a few dust spots in the clear here and there but overall the paint came out nice. The poor car had a rough life and it is nice to see it back together in one uniform color. I managed to piece the front bumper back together even though it took quite the blow in the accident. The joys of working with fiberglass as you are able to repair easily! On the other hand, the drivers side skirt in urethane was held on with like a dozen screws which rusted and started popping through, filling all those holes was quite the chore!
All in all the project went well, took a little longer than i wanted as I ended up spraying the whole car but i am pleased with the results. I will be smoking out the amber corner lights and most likely the kidney grills as well! I wanted to paint my tow hook bright red but all I had laying around was the blue. Have a look at the pics to see the final product. Of course I have a nice set of 18″ staggered mesh wheels for it, but those will be waiting for the nicer weather to come.

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