New Project in Dubai!

So I couldn’t resist this project when it was presented to me just a few short weeks ago! I knew from the day that I sold my silver Ford SVT Lightning that I would get another one. Oddly enough this truck came from the guy I sold the silver one too. He has since sold it but had this Sonic Blue Lightning he had acquired here locally in Dubai. The best part… It’s sitting on my old 23″ OZ Vela wheels.
This truck had a rough life in recent years however has amazing potential. I couldn’t pass it up! It came with a long list of parts from a Kenne Bell blower to Bassani exhaust and even visual goods such as a Cervinis tailgate wing and hood! I’ll be getting my hands dirty soon! Here’s a pic from the day I picked it up!
2004 Sonic Blue SVT Lightning

2004 Sonic Blue SVT Lightning

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