North Racecars Cobra Brakes!

I would like to give a big thanks to Richard from North Racecars who was kind enough to help out with the rear disc conversion kit for the Mustang. This was a must considering the car will be making some serious power, and like any fast car, it should be able to stop! North Racecars has a huge selection of different kits to suit your application and I went with the complete Cobra rear kit with the 11″ rotors minus the axles. I had access to a set of Aerostar axles here from a local friend who owns a wrecking yard (Tripps Auto Recyclers) so went with them.
You can use 2 left axles out of older 80’s Rangers and Bronco II’s or you can use 2 right axles from 86-97 Ford Aerostar Vans. They are the same length as a Fox Body axle and therefore will pop right into your differential housing. The axles that North Racecars provide are actually better as they come custom fabricated to be hubcentric to make wheel installation a little easier. In the end our main concern was to save a few bucks and achieve a 5 bolt conversion while getting some rear brakes out back.
Here is a list of what I got in the kit:
In the following pictures you will see detailed pictures of what was done to bolt this kit on. Everything from removing the differential cover, retaining clips, axles, old brakes, installation of brackets, lines, calipers etc. Be sure to read the captions of the pictures as they explain what each picture is focused on. You can also watch the installation of these components live on my Previous Recordings Page.
I did take the time to mock everything up prior to the installation and I must say that this is a “complete” kit. The only thing I need to do is paint the calipers. Words of advice from the installation is to make sure that once you have the brackets bolted onto your differential, install your axles right away with their C-Clips and the Center PIN! (you don’t need to put the cover back on or fill with fluid yet). This will allow for your axles to be sitting in the proper place to be able to place the caliper mount onto the main bracket. This is necessary in order to center and space your rotor between the caliper mount! Lastly, I just need to cut/flare the original brake lines to accommodate for the new flex lines. I will update the pictures and captions of all this progress on the Photo Galleries page for the Mustang.
Again, thank you to North Racecars for helping out with this kit. Your product is great, awesome customer service, fast shipping and just great to talk to. It is a pleasure dealing with great companies that can relate to the average car enthusiast/builder.

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