Officially 1 Month into T.I.P.

So we’re 1 month in! Lots of hours, lots of dedication, lots of persistence but I am managing to stay focused and on track. As some know, the project has changed slightly to accommodate the official entry of 3 vehicles into Performance World now. There will be the 1992 ACS BMW which we have almost completed. The car will be brought in at the end of February for clean up and finalization of some parts, installs, fluid change etc! The 89 Mustang has been exchanged for my old 87 Mustang convertible now owned by a close friend who has never had the opportunity to make the car what it is capable of being… a fast, sleek, street chewing show piece. Finally, my 2000 SVT Lightning will be entered in the show which a few days will be spent on it in order to get it ready for the show. Here is a picture of the ACS car “chilling” outside:
As I was working 7 days a week on the project I have decided that I will now only work 6 days and leave Sunday as an “unscheduled” day, meaning I may or may not work on the cars that day. Working full time and managing the project is a lot of work.  The Mustang is coming along nicely as most of the body work is now done and paint will be soon to come. Have had to wait until the custom fuel door was installed behind the license plate area and to complete the Power Pipe install for the Vortech Supercharger in the inner fender well of the engine bay.
I am awaiting the arrival of the Racecraft 2″ drop spindles so that we can get SLAMMING this car even more to the ground, complete the 5 bolt conversion and 4 wheel disc upgrade so we can get the 18″  Saleen wheels installed. I am really looking forward to the outcome of this car. All the progress pictures of the Mustang can be seen in the Photo Gallery page.
I hope you have all been enjoying the Project so far and again, please inform all your friends and I encourage feedback and comments 🙂 If you have missed an episode be sure to check out the Previously Recorded page for all the broadcasts.

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