One week into T.I.P

So it’s been a week! The time is going by quickly and we’ve just got started! The interview with CBC radio went well and I have access to a recorded version of the interview which I plan to post in the next few days. Big thanks to Boogie at Mirage Auto Body in Scarborough for providing the Project with all the Paint and Clear Coat! I still plan on having the body work done and the car ready for paint by the end of this weekend! Some clean up in the shop and additional lighting will be then installed to make painting a more pleasurable experience!
Pictures of all the progress can be seen on the photo gallery page for the 1992 ACS BMW The next round of pictures will most likely include the primer on top of the body work and getting ready for paint! The passenger side skirt is now mounted back on the car and repairs of it will be completed this weekend as well. I have located spacers that will hopefully work in the front, and hope to test them soon. By next weekend we should be installing some performance parts, have installed white face gauges in the gauge cluster, dyed the door panel inserts white and more!
On a Mustang note! Racecraft have been in contact with me in regards to their mustang drop spindles! These are a critical piece for my 5″ of drop wanted in the front of the convertible. I will most likely be going with the SN95 version (1994-1995) for 5 bolt reasons and potential Cobra caliper bolt on. Sounds like they may be sponsoring the project so my fingers are crossed! I am looking forward to showing the install of them!
Lastly, I just want to thank all the viewers and supporters who have been tuning in and following along! I really hope to help provide a great library of information to those that want to learn how to work on cars. 1 week down… 8+ to go!


  • admin says:

    I have just updated it! I will be doing so more frequently too!

  • HONDATA says:

    Stuff on here is great, just wish it was a little more frequent. I’m like an addict coming every few hours to check if something new has been posted up. I need help, lol.

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