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I am writing more of a Rant than anything this evening. After a long weeks work while I was waiting for my truck to warm up, I decided to follow up on a potential sponsor call. I had called ABC Exclusive to inquire if they would be interested in perhaps sponsoring or helping out with the shipping costs over a Style Bar for the Mustang. Having bought several of their products in the past (2 style bars, 2 GT Free Air bumpers and 1 SR-347 Saleen Style spoiler) I figured my returning business was worth at least a discount.
When I called yesterday a Lady answered the phone and I introduced myself explained what I was doing and needing. She encouraged me to email her the info as she said “I am sure we’d be able to help out your project somehow”. Now with no expectations of FREE merchandise, all I am looking for is a discount, free shipping, whatever. So I call back today and the same Lady answered the phone and passed me to the Gentlemen who was in charge of such business. His name was Nicholas. I explained who I was and that I was just following up on the email and he quickly said “I am not interested, people like you call me everyday, CLICK”.
I bet he didn’t even read my email! I clearly explained the project, the concept, and that I would be willing to provide a recorded installation and documentation of his product. I would think that would be worth something more than a HANG UP! He clearly does not even want my business. All I know is that 2 of their products are on the Mustang already and the rear bumper I customized so it no longer looks like theirs. However, the wing I believe is only replicated by them and I want nothing more to put a different one on and free this car of their products.
Every business I have contacted in regards to this project, large and small, have been kind enough to listen/read and respond to me professionally. Whether the companies I have approached were able to help or not they were all very supportive of my idea and concept and I have had nothing but positive experiences. There have been a few frustrating ones such as Cervinis who expressed great interest then later informed me they cannot sponsor Fox Bodies anymore as they are too old.
Either way I would just like to thank all the companies and sponsors who have treated me with respect as I believe I have approached them the same way. From sponsorship proposals, to cross marketing and promotion, discounts to full blown donated parts and products The Infamous Project has been very successful with its First Show! It is not easy designing and maintaining your own website, doing your own marketing and promotions, finding sponsors, updating forums, working full time, working on the project and trying to live a normal life with my Wife!
Thank you again to all my supporters, and ABC, I may not be worth your business but one day I could be the guy that has the power to tell a large part of your customer base to not buy your products and they’ll listen.  Be sure to visit the Sponsors page to see all the great support T.I.P has received

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  • Dan Waldron says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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