Project #1 Unofficially Complete!

Well it’s been just over 3 weeks since the start of the project and I am very confident about the rest of the project to come. Although the Mustang was suppose to arrive today, the lack of help that was suppose to come by today allowed me to finish up most tasks on my own. The exhaust is done, the brakes are bled and the car is back on the ground running! Things left to do as we come closer to the show include:
  • HID Install of kit provided by HID Canada.
  • Complete Stereo Install (RCA cable and amp hookup)
  • Research headlight glass options (crack in lens)
  • Paint and install mirrors
  • Consider corner light options
  • Oil change etc of fluids provided by Bimmersport.
On that note, I have yet to hear the exhaust note myself aside from this clip i took with my digital camera tonight. I am pretty confident it’s going to sound perfect! Have a listen for yourself.
On a sponsor note, there have been some updates to my Sponsors page. I have added some banners of key sponsors and you will also notice there are a few more. We have officially received Racecraft Inc. as a sponsor for the Mustang, they have shipped T.I.P a set of SN95 style 2″ drop spindles! In addition, we have received a detailing sponsor from Carpolish.Ca who are a supplier of the oh so great ZAINO detailing products. Finally, there is workings of a custom chip being made by the great MARK D for the BMW to tune it for it’s new performance upgrades and 94 octane. I will be sure to post once confirmation of this is made.
The 1987 Mustang GT Convertible/Stalker will be arriving tomorrow and I know many people have been patiently awaiting it! The time has come for Project number 2 to begin! Be sure to follow along and see this awesome car become even more stunning over the next few weeks!

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