Project Completion Madness!!!

Well I knew it was coming but wow does it all come fast… I am not even 24 hours away from getting to the show yet and I fear all the things I am going to have to do and get ready etc. I have not filmed the past 2 days as I am trying to stay focused on all the million other things I need to do. Tomorrow will be a long day and most likely night trying to get the cars cleaned up as much as possible prior to taking them to the show. I will be filming so be sure to watch out for that!
My plans were to drive both my Lightning and the BMW and trailer the Mustang, however due to insurance issues I will be having to trailer the BMW. It seems that State Farm has finally pulled the plug on my modified vehicles and its only a matter of time before my Lightning gets denied as well. Needless to say I will be insurance shopping next week as the weather is just awesome and it’s time to be driving something nice again.
Well I am running out of time so I better get back to work. I hope see you guys at the show! Be sure to come check the cars out in person! Parking is free too.

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