Project Day 1 recap.

So the stress of Day 1 is over. This morning I was quite certain I was going to have to stream via the webcam on my laptop…. The “easycap” adapter I ordered for the S-Video to USB was suppose to be delivered on the 3oth and just never showed. Canada Post still shows deliver for then, so I am not sure what happened. Thankfully Chris from Darkside Fibre Communications had an old video capturing card that he kindly donated to the project today!
So a few connection issues, a horrible microphone until my cable shows up, and me accidentally yanking out the camera cord a few times resulted in some down time… But it was successful. I am still getting used to finding camera placement and sometimes I forget its even on and my language slips. I managed to get the ///M3 all buttoned up for now and moved in the first project car (1992 ACS BMW). Did a bit of suspension work on it to see how low I could get the car, some spacers will be needed for the front and some fender stretching.
I will be at it again tomorrow and hopefully updating the show schedule to a bit more detail early next week. So please keep checking back for that. I will try to formalize the show as much as possible however, i do work a full time job and have a life aside from work and cars. I will be sorting out what scheduled time I will be working on the cars during the week nights and approximate the hours on weekends. I am looking forward to getting these projects going! The next few months will be going by very quickly!

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