Racecraft 2″ Drop Spindles Install

Well the day I have been looking forward to forever has finally come! The day to lower the Stang. It’s been an extremely long day (about 14 hours at the shop) but well worth the progress. I even managed to get the BMW in the shop too and have some work done to it. I had lots of help come in to help get some things done as time is ticking until show time. The drop spindle install was flawless!
Racecraft Inc. Was kind enough to sponsor The Infamous Project with a set of their custom built 2″ drop spindles. They offer them for 4 bolt Fox Bodies, SN95 and newer Mustangs. I wanted to do a 5 bolt conversion to this project so I went with the SN95 pair as shown above! These are definitely some high quality pieces and come powdercoated too.  Installation was a breeze, once you removed the caliper, sway bar link, strut and spring, you can get access to remove the ball-joint and tie-rod end. I discarded all the old stuff and bolted the spindles with SN95 brakes and rotors with ease. Racecraft uses their own hub bolt which is MUCH easier to use then the factory stacked nut design. They also provide the spacing washer for the balljoint nut!
You can see that the project car is sitting VERY low! That is because not only do we have the 2″ drop spindles installed, but also, FMS C Springs with a coil cut as well. This is easily a 5″ drop to our Mustang. I will be raising the car up about 1″ via spring modification in order to be able to somewhat steer this car. But I am very happy with the outcome and this product is a MUST for those wanting to lower their Mustang without having to modify their suspension geometry. Also keep in mind that if you are converting to 5 bolt that buying the SN95 spindles will take care of your upgrade and lower your car at the same time.
A big thank you to Racecraft Inc. once again. I have been dealing with Mark who is very friendly and knows his stuff. I highly recommend them for any racing needs you may have, or in my case, severe lowering of your ride. You can watch the installation of these spindles HERE live!

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