RK Autowerks Stage II SC – Day 1

Finally! I am turning some wrenches again After a long needed trip back to the USA for the Texas Mile & SEMA, I managed to pick up an RK Autowerks Stage II supercharger kit for my 2003 M5! As some may know, I was considering selling my BMW not too long ago in pursuit of a Ferrari. Once the idea of a Ferrari became “real” I kind of decided I wasn’t ready for one just yet… If I am going to have a Ferrari, it couldn’t be stock, it must be twin turbo’d! So let’s save that project for the future!
Anyways, onto the good stuff! I have wanted to b00st an BMW for a while now and after much research I concluded the RK kit is exactly what I needed. All the info on the kit can be found on the M5boards. Jamie and Razza have been great guys to deal with and have even engineered some custom cooling parts in order to work with the heat I live with here in Dubai!
So DAY#1 was very successful. I worked for about 5 hours on the install and managed to get the following complete:
All in all it was a pretty productive day. Tomorrow I plan on getting the oil lines run and the oil cooler mounted, brackets for the SC and SC mounted! Stay tuned…

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