RK Install Day 3!

Well it wasn’t a very long day installing today… It was a bit of a battle trying to find a TIG welder in Dubai. Luckily I did manage to find one after 20 phone calls.
But the blow-off valve is mounted, the plenum is re-installed with the custom RK billet plates and all the piping, CCV system is pretty much complete. All I need to do now is mount up the oil cooler, a bit of wiring for the coolant temp sensors/Fans and put the bumper back on!
You will notice I opted for carbon fiber everything including the plenum cover! Really starting to look nice under the hood although I kind of wish the Vortech head unit were black, but that can be addressed later!
Unfortunately I am back to work tomorrow so the project will most likely be completed next weekend! Here are the daily pics! As you can see I was fighting daylight towards the end…

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