Godzilla Motor Essential Package


In case you’re wanting to make your Ford 7.3L Godzilla V* swap even easier, the following package will make your swap seamless and unlock hidden power from factory!


Get the most out of your 7.3 Godzilla motor swap with Godzilla Motor essential package. The essentials include the following which will give you everything you need to get your Godzilla v8 motor running in your project. 

Godzilla Motor Essential Package:

  • Custom Tune for stock or aftermarket cam
  • SCT Handheld tuner
  • OEM Gas Pedal for the drive-by-wire
  • Mass Air Meter (MAF)
  • Air Filter Set-up
  • Wiring harness terminated & wrapped.

If you haven’t already looked at our Godzilla Motor swap packages be sure to check them out HERE Then be sure to add the Godzilla Motor Essential Package as an option!


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Weight 25 lbs