SRT-10 RAM Lowering

Although I actually lowered the truck almost a year ago now, I never took the time to upload the pics and the information! Luckily I remembered to take lots of pictures when I did it. I actually lowered the truck in my friends driveway in Florida before it got shipped to Dubai. I bought the truck in Houston, hopped in and drove it to Florida So I got this 2/3 kit off of Tony from JTSVP. He has a lot of great stuff for the Viper Trucks He also hooked me up with my Paxton Supercharger and hoping to soon get some 4:88 gears.
So onto the installation! It was pretty straight forward. I started with a 4×4 looking truck as shown:
I did the rear first which consisted of 3″ drop blocks. The SRT-10 comes with the axle flipped by default so installing the blocks is easy. Essentially you just drop the shocks, undo the U bolts, place the blocks between the perch on the axle and the leaf springs and install the new longer U-bolts! You are also provided with shorter bump stops to avoid bottoming out!
The front is also easy; you unbolt the sway bar, shocks, remove the caliper and drop the lower control arm slowly on a jack to let the stock spring out. Then you install the new lowering springs (I left out my rubber isolators for a tad more drop). You do need to cut the bump stop housing and install the new shorter bump stops.
So that’s it, pretty easy install that is done in about an hour

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