SVT Lightning Diagnostics

So a good friend of mine has been having a strange noise coming from his drive-line in his F-150 SVT Lightning. With his exhaust being so loud it is always hard to try and pinpoint where sounds are coming from. It basically sounded like marbles in a can to a certain degree, and the sound would come and go. He was told it could be a spun bearing and of course when you have a built motor you always assume the worst.
After weeks of trying to convince him to look at it in depth we finally got the truck in the air and used a scope to try and pin-point where the sound was coming from. The other assumption we had was the torque converter as he did buy it used and it had been used for over 140 launches at the dragstrip! We were set to pull the transmission but during our diagnostics we all agreed it sounded like something maybe in the exhaust.
Removal of the cat-back system (Full Bassani with longtubes and Magnaflow high flow cats) allowed us to find this!
LEFT= Drivers side
RIGHT= Passengers side
So there you have it, a blown out catalytic converter with most likely rattling internals the cause! A pry bar was used to smash out the other Cat (emissions are not strict in Texas) and the Catback will soon be reinstalled and we are all crossing our fingers for no more noise! We plan to drive to Florida at the end of the month for the Old Town Lightning Show in Kississmee Florida. One of the largest Lightning shows in the Nation!
Those Magnaflow high flow cats are always a great temporary solution but on numerous occasions I have seen them break down and become more hassles then they are worth. So the solution = move to an emission free state!
Of course, how could you not go for a little drive with open headers? Enjoy

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