Thank you Bimmersport!

Just wanted to write a quick note to one of the business’ that have sponsored The Infamous Project. Bimmersport in Mississauga Ont. Have been kind enough to donate fluids for every part of the ACS car! The fluids include genuine synthetic oils and additives; Motor Oil, Filter, Transmission Fluid, Diff Fluid, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid and Windshield Washer Fluid. To top things off, they even donated an X-brace to help stiffen up the chassis! These fluids will all be changed closer to show time in March as the car will be ready to tear up the streets for the spring!
A big thanks to Jon and Charlie from Bimmersport as your contributions to this project and your help to my past project have been wonderful! Don’t worry I will be putting the stickers on that you guys gave me! I just need to clean all the glass first.

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