UUC V12 LTW Flywheel Install e39 M5

So upon the recent install of my RK stage II supercharger kit on my 2003 e39 M5 it didn’t take much to see that the stock clutch couldn’t take the newly added power. I managed to find an amazing deal on a brand new UUC V12 kit for $1750 shipped! Having saved almost $1000, I shipped it to a friends place in the US and then brought it back on the plane with me to Dubai!
Before you read any further I need to give a huge thanks to DAS Auto here in Dubai… They have been so kind to help me out with shop space, tools, knowledge and much more since the day I landed in the UAE! I can’t take the credit for this installation as I simply did not have the time. I did however ensure they took step by step pictures for anyone who wishes to do this on their own! I have removed/installed enough transmissions in my time to happily allow someone else to do the job.
You will see from the pictures below that the kit is top quality and the installation also allowed me to correct a few issues such as a bad flex line for the hydraulics and change my transmission seals! It also allowed me to get a few pics from underneath the car where you can see my sexy Hamann exhaust! Many of you will want to know does the new kit chatter and have the infamous “roll over noise”, the answer -YES! The chattering isn’t that bad and the roll over noise even less concerning in my opinion. I am one who is willing to sacrifice such small things for performance! I just ditched over 18lbs of rotating mass!
As some of you know I am a very strong believer in the added performance of an light weight flywheel kit, especially when matched with pulleys and a high ratio differential so I knew I would do this mod sooner or later! Although, looks like more boost may be on the way and a lower ratio diff for the plans soon to come! Stay Tuned.

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