VHT Nightshades Removal

So in preparation for a HUGE Ford SVT Lightning cruise to take place in February 2011. It is in Old Town (just outside of Orlando Florida). I have a huge list of things I want to do to get the truck ready, one of them being the modification of my taillights. I will be doing another post on how I open up the lenses and paint all the chrome body color to match the truck.  However, in order to get this task done and the truck being my daily driver I needed a set of temporary taillights!
A good friend of mine here in Austin had an old set that he failed at using VHT Nightshades to smoke out the lenses. Let’s just say they were as black as the darkest night you have ever seen! I appreciated the donation but thought this would be asking to get pulled over by the popo. I figured I would try to remove the spray and see if i couldn’t salvage them!
As you can see in the pictures below, the results were phenomenal!
Here are the steps I used:
To my surprise these lenses had the carbon fiber look on the insides which I wasn’t even able to see prior to beginning this project. Was the time spent worth it? Hell yes, it only took my an hour from start to finish including installation on my truck!
Check back for the full update on how I modify my old ones!

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